Hey guys, welcome to our blog. It was inevitable that we started this blog. I for one had been romancing the idea of starting this blog but for many reasons I just didn’t have the balls to…”oh I’m shy (well kinda sorta), it’ll be all eyes on me” “it’ll be like I’m doing follow follow”, everyone has a blog now” “what do you even have to show that you think others will be interested ehn” “it’ll be too much work” and so on. My sister on the other hand (totally unlike me) did not care much for all my excuses not to start a blog. Alas after much gingering aka encouragement from my her, we finally took the plunge and it feels good to say “we did/made it” yayyyy.

 I currently live and work in Edinburgh while my sister is in Law school in Lagos. We’ve been apart for a year and a couple of months now and miss each other sooo much its crazyyy. We chat and skype each other all the time (the joys of blackberry and skype), ofcourse clothes, shoes, bags etc are discussed. Infact my sister dearest always has an unending list of things to buy her,  and God bless the friend/uncle/aunty/cousin that comes ’round here from Lagos, they are taking goodies back home for her.
Funny thing is, even though she sometimes stresses me out with her unending list, I actually love shopping for her and I do it with all joy. I am a certified bargain hunter, I love to shop but the joys of getting a wonderful bargain is unexplainable (I think i even cherish really expensive stuff I got at a bargain more than actual expensive stuff, is that weird???). I’d wear something really nice and get compliments ofcourse 😉 and when I tell my friends how much I got it, they’re usually shocked (or not coz they know me,lol). That’s why I’m everyone’s favorite assistant shopper, plus I always manage to find something really nice in the midst of not so nice things (I think I’m just a die-hard,lol).

Wow now that I’m typing it doesn’t seen as hard, I might as well be on Twitter/Facebook. Alright alright, enough of my ramblings, here’s hoping you guys enjoy our blog, WELCOME…

Salewa (the big sis 🙂 )