Hey beautiful people, hope your weekend’s been good so far. Mine’s not been too bad, been chilling and catching up on my fav tv shows.
Yes yes yes I know you are all tired of the “Color Blocking” posts all over blogosphere right now, and Segi already did a color blocking inspired post BUT come on guys, I couldn’t miss out on the fun too…I’m a color loving Child, I love love bright colors, this explains why being in Zara makes me happy right now, colors everywhere. I went there with my friend Saffy and we got absolutely nothing, but we left there really happy, you’d have thought we left with massive shopping bags.
Last week I went shopping for Segi (my sister with the endless shopping list), I saw this really cute fuchsia top and fell in love instantly. What did I do? I got one for Segi and even though I put myself on a shopping ban, I got myself one too (that’s right).
In this post we are both rocking said top. I haven’t been in my best mood lately, but I’m seriously fighting for my happy (it is my God given right after all)… Hope this brightens your day in some kind of way (ha, I totally rhymed,lol)…

Top – River Island.
So who rocked the top better?

Segi had a bit more fun with two of her friends:

Jeniffer got Segi dolled up, She’s an upcoming Stylist in Lagos.

Temilade joined in the fun too 🙂 and their pictures were taken by Charles Adeyemi of Chunky Studios(awesome guy).

And how can I forget my dear friend/photographer Saffy who makes me wanna bin my lil ol camera. Check her out on weallseedifferently.blogspot.com

Guys please don’t just visit, comment, and follow us too. Have a wonderful week guys, Ciao.
S & S