In August it’ll be exactly a year since I cut my hair. Between the terrible cold in Aberdeen, relaxing and keeping weaves in for ages, something most definitely went wrong. My hair was in really bad shape and it only got worse, it got to a point where I couldn’t rock my hair. I knew this was a problem but I thought I could fix it. It wasn’t until I wanted to do my regular side part fringe and the Jamaican lady making my hair said there was not enough hair to cover that particular side I liked that I knew my only option was to cut my hair.

So off to you tube I went, I watched every big chop video I could find, thinking about it now there was nothing big to chop off anyway, lol. I had planned to keep the particular weave I had on at the time for 4weeks but by the 3rd week I was so ready. Those you tube videos really motivated me. On that faithful day, I went in pursuit of a barber’s shop, after being rejected by two barbers who said they couldn’t cut afro hair *side eye* I found one who could and that’s how I finally cut my hair…

It was all good when the hair was really low but now that it is growing it has been such a pain. I don’t even think I understand the hair and what its problem is. I’m always running to my friend and natural hair guru nyims for help. Its so weird that this is the hair I had before I relaxed it, my mama most definitely carried the cross for me back then, lol. I’m not vowing never to use a relaxer again, but right now I just want to leave it natural. It is now long enough to get weaves done and I’ve just taken out my last weave, so its back to nursing it.

I’m so thankful for scarves/turbans right now, they are life savers when you are not feeling your hair, today I just tied a scarf across my  head….

I was feeling extremely cute today hehehe. Its the weekend yayyy, maybe I’ll go see “Something borrowed” heard its really good. Enjoy your weekend people.


Dress and bag-thrifted, Scarf-Primark, Necklace-H&M, Shoes-Topshop