I had the yummiest sleep this afternoon, apart from Sunday being Monday’s nemesis, I love Sundays for that. I’m still sort of new at my church in Edinburgh and because I’ve managed to keep my braids/weaves/wigs all this while, I alarmed some people at church today with my lil fro, lol. I already want to get my next weave but I’m enjoying the freedom right now, we’ll see how long this lasts.

This dress is so simple, I love the structure…

I got these shoes for my graduation last year, I really didn’t have to buy shoes but I wanted my “graduation shoes” lol. It is really high and I don’t even think they were practical/suitable for graduation, but at the time that was the best I could find. After much prayers, I ascended and descended the stage without any problems. It would have been so horrible if I tripped, people would have been like “who sent her message?” lol.

Once again the weekend’s done, I didn’t even get to see a movie as planned. Its already a month since we started the blog (how time flies), thank you all for following us and commenting, its really encouraging. Was gonna mention names but I may get into trouble if I leave any name out. We’ll be doing a giveaway this week, so please look out for it.
Have a fab week guys.


Dress-Zara, Shoes-River Island, Bag-Love Moschino