Hey guys, hows everyone??? Last week has to be the longest week I’ve ever had in my entire life…The weekend  didn’t help. Anyways, I’m glad to be alive and happy for a new week… Since Salewa decided to do this series and she ‘forgot’ to say how she started thrift shopping, let me fill you guys in… It started some years ago, I walked into a Salvation Army and in the midst of all the oversize ugly clothes there, I found this beautiful dress. It was brand new and cost £4…My sister and mummy couldn’t believe I got it from Salvation Army or even understand how my legs carried me there. Anyhow, I wore this dress so much that it has exploded…I would have taken a picture,but it is now a rag (yes I’m that bad).
That is how I unleashed the dragon (Sister Shan, i’m not calling you a dragon o)… Honestly, I love a good bargain. Don’t get me wrong, I love expensive things too, unfortunately I can’t afford to buy most of them yet…Thrifting is a great way to find cheap great stuff that no one else has.

 These are some of my conquests…

 I got this pleated skirt in Mokola Market in Ghana..Lovvve the colour and the gold buttons..Best part of all’ it was 20 pesewas (That’s like 20 naira,imagine)… I wore it here http://forstylesake.blogspot.com/2011/04/colour-block.html..
Bought this 60s style dress from Mokola too. It has pleats, but i iron them out whenever i wear it. It also has shoulder pads, I love it!!..It was 2cedis (200 naira)
Aren’t they lovely. The black one in the middle is my best, i carry it almost everytime i go out. It is suede and the detail on it gives off a vintage feel…I got it from Cancer Research Uk, it was brand new and cost £3. I also got the red one there too for a pound. When you buy stuff from these Charity stores,you are killing two birds with one stone, you are happy and you are making someone else happy. 
 I bought the olive and the brown clutches from Mokola in Ghana too, they were 10cedis all together (I’m 100percent sure the man selling them cheated me though, oh well. There wont be a next time, Mr wicked man).. I obtained the maroon clutch from my grandma for freeee..lol. I swear to you guys,that is not an offering bag (like the ones you see in Anglican churches). Have you seen anything like it?.. Love love it..

These all have a vintage feel. Everything here cost 250 naira or less with the exception of the gold ring i ‘borrowed’ from Shally.*That’s what sisters do*

 Have a nice week,