Shally and I were tagged by the lovely Adaku of Third World Profashional, to do a “What’s in you Bag” meme.

This brown satchel from H & M is my bag                                                                                      


This is my official ‘school’ bag..I’m sure by now,the entire Lagos campus (Law School) knows me because of this bag,i carry it almost every single day..The colour is great and the gold buckles on it add a little more to it..I really love this bag, and it goes with almost everything.. I need to slow down on the way i wear it though.
In my bag                                                                                                                            
Clockwise ;                                                                                                                                     
1) My Notebook. This is what I’m currently reading. My exams are like 2 months away so i must read. This is one of the most important things in my bag right now. 
2) Wallet.  I got this wallet from Matalan..It has this oriental thing going on(i don’t know if its me, but   the buckles on it look like fingers) ..Think that was the name,not sure..I really like this wallet ,even though it cant take a lot of stuff.
3) Wooden Fan. Got this fan from my mummy(she got it at party).. Almost every girl in Lagos has one.. This is an essential  because it is really hot in Lagos, so when I’m not near a fan or ac, i use this.
4) Tissue Paper. This is a staple in my bag.. I cant leave home without tissue paper, because i have really oily skin and a hyperactive bladder (tmi, I          
5) Lipglosses and Red Lipstick.. I don’t mess around when it comes to lip gloss, if i forget anything,i mustn’t forget my lip glosses.. Usually carry at least 2 different ones in case i change my mind midday..The pink Mary Kay one is my favourite one..It goes everywhere with me(notice how the tube is practically empty,i still scrape out some drops out of it every morning). The red lipstick(Mac Ruby Woo) is for when i need to switch up my look.   
6) Ipod. Funny thing is i don’t listen to my ipod everyday, but the days I’m ready for it, i wont leave it alone
till the battery dies. Call me weird but I use it when I’m somewhere and I’m nervous and shy.
7) Blackberry. I love my phone,it is my companion.. When I’m bored,it comes in handy because i catch up with all the wonderful blogs i love. 
8) Ibuprofen. We all know what this is for, no need to
9)Notepad. I carry a notepad around.  I like to write down “to do lists” and things i want to get. I have like hundred notepads, too many wants.
10) Magazine. I carry a magazine around,in case i need to wait for someone or somewhere for long..When i have read it a couple of times,its sole purpose becomes to fill up my bag 🙂
11) Mirror. Because i have oily skin, i like to check if my eyeliner has smudged or how oily my face has become. 
12) Hand Sanitizer. Really, I dont feel anyhow when I shake people, my problem is when I have to hold railings (I’ll spare you the details of my experience).                       
Thats all Folks