In my Tassels and Fringe post (, i mentioned my friend Jennifer Umeh who is a stylist.. She’s an International Relations graduate who lovesss fashion and has decided to turn it into a job,so she has set up her styling company called Bellurie.

These are some of the work she has done.

She has styled Musicians-Zara and T-Flava(in the middle)
One Dress, Two ways to wear it.                                                                        

       In other news,last week, i saw these Masai-like bangles i really liked, but they were more than what i was willing to pay for, and the man selling them wasn’t cooperating with me..At the end of the day, i ended up getting them for free(Thanks to a good Samaritan)… Take a look at them.
Also,last week i was reading through Bella Naija when i saw this amazing collection by a Nigerian designer called Alali. One particular dress caught my eye and i couldn’t just get it out of my mind, so after countless emails, i finally got my dress yesterday. Its really pretty and I’m really excited about it. Cant wait to wear it.

                                                                 Bye people