Hey guys, my dear friend Adaku of http://www.thirdworldprofashional.com/ tagged me in this “What’s in your bag” challenge. Basically I’m supposed to take a picture of my bag and its contents and explain. So here goes…

My Bag…

My bag is from Zara, love the size, the color, the structure, EVERYTHING. Its no wonder why its quite popular, I’ve seen up to ten people rocking it (no joke). I really like big bags, but these days I’m trying to chill on that.

Its Contents…

1) Grazia Magazine- Just purchased on my way home from work yesterday. This I will slowly be digesting on bus rides till I’ve devoured the whole thing to the very last page.

2) Make up purse- Its also from Zara and I love the colors, its so cute 🙂 … Inside it— my powder, powder brush (both of which I hardly ever use anyway, once I’ve powdered my face in the morning thats it for the day), Vaseline and almost done carmex, mini jar of Brazil nut body butter (smells yummm), clear lipgloss and Mac Russian red lipgloss.

3) Comb for this stubborn hair of mine

4) Paddle brush that I left in the bag from when I had my weave. I love the little quote on the back that reads “Life is an endless struggle, full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like”

5) My ever faithful Leather Wallet- I’ve had it since 2007 just when I was starting Law School. I got it as a birthday gift from my cousin, I had the privilege to choose something on ASOS at the time. I don’t regret choosing it. I must admit however that it really should be replaced soon. But wth I love it.

6) Notebook and pen- This is actually my “business/market” book, some of you don’t know this, but I sell human hair and so I basically keep stock of my purchases and sales in here. Segi and I also recently ventured into a quick business, I was in Nigeria briefly in March and took nice clothes with me for sale. I also scribble random stuff in this notebook.

7) Mentos gum incase of incasity, lol

8) Flash Drive- Always have this with me, it has come in handy so many times.

9) House keys

10) Ipod/Itouch and earphones- My ipod earphones are long gone (who can relate to this?), I haven’t bothered trying to replace them. I’ve been using earphones for my phone earphones (smh). Maybe someday I’ll get me some beats by dre.

11) My blackberry pumpkin, my boo, I know you all can relate 🙂

12) My Camera being represented by its case as it was busy taking these pictures.

What’s in your bag?