Hey guys, we are giving away the infamous Size 41 topshop sandals

A post on them here— http://forstylesake.blogspot.com/2011/05/chronicles-of-bargain-queen-1.html

Because we’ll only be able to send the Topshop sandals to people within the UK we are also giving away these Size 6/39 flat pumps to our followers in Nigeria.

NOTE: If you are in Nigeria, but have a UK address that the topshop sandals can be sent to you can win them too.
All you need to do is answer this question—“If you had to choose between handbags or shoes, which would you rather have and why?”
*  Ofcourse you MUST be a follower of this blog
* Leave your answer as a comment under this post including your location
NB: If you are in Nigeria, and you have a forwarding UK address AND would rather have the sandals, please put your location as the UK.
* Please note that the Sandals are Size 41 (can also be worn by a Size 40 person) and the Flat pumps are Size 39.
* The winner will be randomly selected by an online random number generator. Each comment will be numbered. The first (UK) number drawn wins the sandals, the next (NIG) number drawn wins the pumps.
* Everyone has until midnight Sunday, May 29, 2011.
* Winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 31 
* Once the winners are announced and notified, they have 24hours to respond or else the prize will go to the next best.
We are a month old now, yayyy. We want to thank you all for following us and for the wonderful and encouraging comments. 
S & S