I bet the phrase “THE law” (pronounced with some kind of melody) is not strange to most Nigerian Law Students… Throughout my years as a Law student I always had aunties and uncles teasing me and calling me “THE Law”, Segi gets that a lot too and I’m sure its the same for many like us.

Some years back, wearing White shirts and Black skirts/trousers for guys was made compulsory for Nigerian Law Students. It started out at the University where we were only allowed to wear white shirts and black skirts. This was quite upsetting for me and I speak for many too because it meant we couldn’t wear our nice colored clothes baffs. After very strict enforcement, we all got used to it. I decided to make the most of it, and found ways to still look great in my white and black. What’s funny is that while us Law students were busy complaining, non-law students started wearing white and black,lol.
The same rule applied in Law School but everyone was used it it by then. I guess we were being trained to get used to it as these are the only colors that can be worn underneath your gown when appearing in Nigerian Courts.

Right now I’m so open to the white and black combination, I love it. I’ve found myself collecting white shirts/tops lately and I need to stop.
This post is dedicated to everyone that was forced to wear white and black, even those that are currently being forced to wear it. You can totally have fun with it, its not so bad after all…

 Segi going to Court during her Court attachment. This blouse used to be my fav, I bet my former classmates are nodding in agreement,lol. Segi inherited it from me 🙂

 Me getting my white&Black on, on a normal work day

 I pinned this brooch on my wee bow.

And how can we not talk about Janelle Monae, at this point we are just about bored but can’t deny that she totally rocks White & Black…Crushing on her hair

Catch you later beautiful people
S & S