(Yea that’s Shally and her necklace again, lol)

Amazing how these neck pieces have taken each look to a whole new level…
I was so inspired by these pictures, I went on polyvore initially with the intention of finding pictures of pretty necklaces, I ended up creating outfits from the necklaces I found. These outfits were inspired by the necklaces, now if only I could own everything *sigh*. The first look is casual, the second look is dressy think cocktails/dinners, and the third look is in between. Which one of them is your favorite look?

Neck Candy

Its friday yet again, I don’t know whether to be excited because I know I’ll be back soon complaining that the weekend is over *sigh* Enjoy your weekend guys.

P.S- Most of the pictures (except the last one) were sourced from here , and the outfits were put together on Polyvore.com