I miss home so much, my mum, my dad, Segi and Akin (our brother) …I miss so many random things, like my daddy cracking his dry jokes as usual, my mama and her antics, random stuff like our drives to church and the queue for the “This Day Style” on Sundays (lol), just the joys of being around them.

I miss home food, miss how easy it is to get my hair done, the convenience of moving around as I wish, and amongst many other things I miss my tailor Zuby. With all the ideas in my head now, there are so many things I’ll have had him make for me, you really don’t know what you have until you don’t have it anymore.

I have a love/hate relationship with Zuby as per usual Nigerian tailor he can be so annoying, he’ll say your clothes are ready only to get there and meet him still making them, lol. Lord knows how many times Segi and I vowed never to go back to him. I think what they say about “the devil you know” applies to most Nigerian tailors, they are all the same. At the end of the day I’m more often than not, pleased with his work, plus you can never stay mad at Zuby, the guy is a character.

The last time I was home I made a couple of things, I’ve however realised that after all my excitement about making stuff I end up bringing them here and not wearing them 🙁 …I remember this top he made me in September last year…

I hijacked Akin (as usual) to take this picture after picking up the clothes from Zuby, I wanted to see how it looked in picture…that was the last time I wore it until I stumbled on it a couple of weeks ago…decided to put it to work…

I miss my fro but I really needed a break from it… Hopefully I’ll do more posts in the future on my “Zuby numbers” hehehe.

Hope everyone’s been having a good week. I’ll catch up with you all later, Ciao.