Hey guys hope your week’s been good so far. Just wanted to share my latest bargain story with you…

I haven’t thrifted in a while due to my millionth shopping ban but this satchel right here was worth breaking the ban. There it was waiting for me in all its £25 glory, at the Salvation Army near my house. The funny thing is, as much as I loved it I was still thinking “should I, should I not”. I put it just by the corner of the counter, keeping a little distance and staring at it, that’s when a lady came to take it. I quickly moved forward and told her it was mine and that I had just kept it there till I was ready to pay, lol. Luckily for me the sales girl had seen me romancing the bag all the while so she told her it was mine :o) , ofcourse at this point there was no more thinking to do. I sharply took it and paid for it, grinning from ear to ear while the lady told me how jealous she was.
This was a great bargain for me, it is 100% leather,  it is big, I love the colour, it is BRAND NEW (oh how I love getting brand new old things from thrift stores). Leather satchels retail for as much as £100 (sometimes more) in the high street stores, even the small/medium satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company retails for £98.
What I also love about this bag is how functional it is. My laptop fits into it comfortably, it has many compartments, and extra straps. I love it love it love

My Second bargain…

On Saturday I was in Glasgow with Saffy, we went to Primarni and got a few things, these brogues are one of them. Would you believe they were £6? They used to be £14, reduced to £8 and then I got to the counter and it was £6 :o) …I love brogues so much and this is a beautiful pair joining my family of brogues.

I’m very happy with these new purchases, £31 well spent I tell ya.

In other news, Summer officially started yesterday. It definitely does not seem so in this part of the world, rain just won’t stop falling :o( , oh well… Till next time.