Let me tell you some things about Motunrayo aka Mots…

She had the most gorgeous glowing dark skin
She was very beautiful, beautiful like Nefertiti; an epitome of Black beauty
She was very smart, very intelligent
She was bubbly and full of life
She was very confident yet emotional
She had a slow somewhat musical voice (I loved it)
She had such a mouth on her and said just how she felt, with mots you either loved her or not, those who chose to love her knew she had a good heart and always meant well.

Our friendship had its seasons but I’m glad it ended on a good note, we never stopped being friends
My heart is filled with memories of the past 14 years, memories I cannot begin to write about because even if I tried, this will be a never ending poem.
I knew you were not happy about certain things for a while, what I did not know was how bad things had gotten…what personal demons you were dealing with.
I have so many thoughts, so many questions yet no single answer
I can only leave it to God who knows and sees ALL

As you are being laid to rest today, my Prayer is that God in His infinite mercies, grants you eternal rest.

Rest in Peace Mots

P.S- I just want to encourage everyone including myself, I know sometimes life can just seem HARD but please never lose hope. If anything feels too much for you, take it to God who has promised to carry your burdens for you, talk to somebody, anybody, hell talk to me just don’t give up.
I pray for Strength, Courage and Wisdom for everybody I know, things will come around you’ll see.