Sunday Afternoon. Had some work to do (business to and lunch afterwards, so I wore this and decided to make my camera useful.

I love this skirt. It works with almost anything which is great and i love camel. Salewa also has this skirt. She just had to get it too, be original girl… lol, I kid. I’m sure I begged and frustrated her till she got me the skirt.

One thing I am obsessed with is bows. At a point I had dresses, blouses, shoes, headbands, almost anything you can think of, with bows. Honestly, it was like I was possessed, if I saw anything with a bow,  I had to have it. I am slowly getting over my obsession, probably because I feel they make me look ”cute” and i really don’t like that term. I still love bows though…stop calling me cute 🙁 .                                           

Have a great week.