Trousers-£3.50, Scarf-£2, Bag-£3 (all from charity store)
 Blouse-£4, Bag £1 (both from charity store)

 Bow Ties from Tie rack @ £3 each

 2 for £5 shirts from Liverpool Street Market

£6 from Primarni

 Wooden Trinket Box-£3
Travel Bag from Charity Store-£3

Its been a while since my last update but I’m here again with my bargain tales, lets catch up….Most of the stuff are thrifted, however I get loads of great deals from stores… I wore the green pants and the bag in the first picture here already… I’ve been looking for a trinket box for ages now, the ones I saw previously were either too small or I just didn’t like them, this changed immediately i saw the wooden box…It was love at first sight,lol…then I saw the price tag, it had to go home with me :o)

I think I Od’d on the bow ties by getting 4 of them, but I’m probably giving two of them to my brother because he was on my mind when I was getting them… I love the brightness of these shirts, also love the retro thing going on, and at that price you can’t lose…The brown sandals are very comfortable, they are perfect for when you don’t want to wear flats but still need to be comfy… The travel bag kinda gives me that Ralph Lauren vibe, love it.

And that’s all folks… for now