I totally forgot about these pictures I took while I was with Shally. I love these wedges so much, I think I’m obsessed. I finally satisfied my craving for a neon/cut-off arm clothing item with this top… In other news, I’m currently slugging it off at the NYSC Camp in Lagos and will be here for the next 3weeks. For those who don’t know NYSC is a compulsory national youth service program for Nigerian graduates. It lasts for a year, and includes a 3week boot camp (which I’m currently in…&which hasn’t been easy).
I really should have finished posting all the pictures from the MTN LFDW by now, this is so bad of me but its been partly because of the amount of pictures, trying to select and at the same time dealing with slow internet, I’ll sort everything out soonest, promise. Hope everyone’s great.