I’m really excited to share this with you guys. Back in October, I saw these shoes online while I was with Salewa and I decided  I wanted it as one of my birthday presents. I was dreaming, fantasizing, and everything about these shoes. Everywhere (online) I checked, they were sold out. Luckily for me (after relentlessly searching), I finally found them and in my size…Whoop!!!  Then the next hurdle, who to buy them for me? (shebi its supposed to be birthday present). At a point, I thought Salewa would pity me and buy them cos of how I was behaving. I even heard her say it, though she claims she never did, LOL. This is where the best boy in the world comes in. Shortly after it was mine. Third hurdle, how to transport my beloved shoes to Lagos for me. I waited for 7 long weeks (or more) for them and now they are finally home!!!

Check out my new babies; Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk.

 Can you believe these shoes???. Do you now understand why i couldnt rest.
The best part is how comfortable they are(i’m serious), plus the almost 7 inches heels do wonders for me.

 Thank you Tolani, Toke and Teju *hugssss*. Cant wait to hit the town with these monster heels!!!.