Hey guys, I totally forgot to post this but back in December 2011, I assisted Mile of Styling Mile on a project he was working on. We were doing a product photo-shoot for an online store called Veniviici, this was my first time getting involved in a shoot like this and boy it was a lot of work. It really isn’t all fun and games at these shoots,lol… I still managed to have some fun while I was at it, it was a lovely experience.

Since someone had a backstage pass ;o) here are some “behind the scenes” pictures, hahaha…

My favorite dress from the store, very DVF’esque… they are lucky I didn’t steal it, love it.
Mile keeping us on track
The pegs…Love it
Me hard at work, lol
Hair Stylist&Make-Up Artist…they were so much fun to work with
Will be doing a “Men’s Style” post featuring the above cutie soon :o)
Thanks for the experience Mile, y’all should check out his blog Styling Mile, he’s got impecable style.