We only spent two nights in Ghana, so we had to make the most out of it. On our first night out, we started out at this cool lounge/bar called Firefly. Very cool paa…lol. Then we ended up at a club called Twist.

                                              I finally wore my Iamisigo dress

My beautiful friends; Tem, Jen and Neka
On our second night , we went to this restaurant/bar/lounge place called Rhapsodys, which i hear is opening in Lagos this year (you heard it here first…lol). We had dinner,then we moved to the bar and had a nice time. Please if anyone reading from Lagos knows how to dance azonto, I’m willing to pay to learn(okay, maybe not but i want to learn). It was really entertaining watching  people do it.
I wore this black body con dress ,which is one of my least favourite things that I own, but this black and gold cape totally transformed the dress.