Wowie my hair has grown so much… Its been a year and about 4months since I cut my hair and I remember how obsessed I was about growth initially. I was such a product junkie and tried any and everything, I eventually just stopped taking it too seriously…. During the period I stopped caring so much the hair has grown a lot. I think initially growth seemed so slow because of how eager I was, I also think that once the hair grew to a certain point, it started to grow even faster ( I think,lol).

Back then…

September 2010 (Just when I cut it, my edges were so messed up)
November 2010
 December 2010 (my edges were getting better here)
June 2011
September 2011

The strike is finally over, and even in the midst of many doubts/uncertainties I’m so glad that its over. My prayer is that this (Occupy Nigeria demonstration) marks the beginning of a revolution towards a better Nigeria… God bless Nigeria.