Hey guys, we are sure many of you have been wondering why we’ve been MIA and some of you already know why… February was a very tough month for our family, we lost our mum… It has been a very painful experience for us all and we are just taking each day as it comes… Words really cannot explain how we feel, like words can never explain… Whenever close friends/family of loved ones die, we are sad for a moment, maybe a little longer and then we move on… Our mum’s death gave us a real taste of how it feels to lose someone so dear… To us our mum was this super hero who could never die, it just never crossed our minds… Alas, this is the reality of life, we all live to die someday.

And so even though we grieve today, we celebrate the life of our awesome mother who loved us unconditionally… We could always feel mama’s love deep into our bones, the most selfless person we ever knew, we could always count on her and you could literally see the joy in her soul for every one of our achievements in life, if we were happy and good our mama was very happy and very good… Words can never explain really, and so for today and for always we find joy and solace in the life she lived, the impact she had on not just our lives but the lives of others… We’ll never forget her infectious smile, her laughter, her goofiness, our gisting sessions and cat fights, her love for us and for God.
Our mum was super amazing in every sense, a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul… She was funny, always dancing, and singing… We are a lot like her in different ways so there’s no doubt that she lives on through us.

Continue to rest in peace with our Lord mama, we love you forever…