Hey everyone!. I know I’ve been slacking, blame it on work. I promise to do better. I decided to do another work post as that’s all I do these days anyway.
Salewa bought this jumpsuit for me a while ago (she actually bought it for herself, and I convinced her to buy it for me too :)). I’m usually a hoarder, I can keep some of my clothes that I feel I like more than the others, till I find somewhere to ‘rock’ it to (which hardly ever happens and they rot in my wardrobe), but I’m starting to change.
I had been thinking of where to wear this jumpsuit, and then I remembered that my friend Ifeanyi stopped by to say hi while I was in law school and she was wearing a jumpsuit to her holiday job. So I decided to give it a shot 
Here’s how I wore it.

I just popped this blazer on and voila…
Jumpsuit&Bag- Zara, Blazer- H&M

I kept getting ‘oh you wore a jumpsuit to work’, ‘how are you going to pee?’, some disapproving looks and others I couldn’t really make out. lol

All in all, I think I pulled it off.

                                                 What do you think?