Hey everyone, just wanted to share the news and my excitement with you. My sister is getting married *whoooooopppp*. I’m so excited, you would think it was me who got engaged.

The proposal was really sweet, her fiancee (can’t believe I’m using that word for shally) made this trailer with her pictures, their pictures and a speech (professing his love for her to the entire world, okay to those that were at that screen.lol), it came up right before the movie was about to start. Once she said yes, their friends, my cousins, his family, my brother and of course ME, came out of hiding( well not really as she sat right in front of one of my cousins when she came in, my cousin practically entered her chair just so salewa didn’t see her or look back ) to congratulate them.

We all know who her CBM is going to be.*skipping*

                    Wedding bells are ringing!!.

                                                                                 Have a great weekend.