About 3 weekends ago I was in Ghana (Accra) with my Mr. for what he called our “engagement-moon” lol and it was such a good time. Can I just say this “I LOVE GHANA”, Segi had told me so many nice things about Ghana so I knew I had to go someday and I am so glad I did. I was so excited about the trip it was ridiculous, I found every opportunity to say “chaleeeee” and I was really really intrigued by the way Ghanians speak. All I can say is that Ghanians are very pleasant, honest and kind people. We loved a song we heard in a cab so much that the cab driver gave us the CD… Ghanians love to dance, don’t get me started with the variations of azonto dance my eyes witnessed. One of the best parts of the trip was our hotel, Movenpick was awesome and I mean every word of it, I want to go to Ghana again just for Movenpick, the breakfast was everything, like the best I’ve ever had… Alright alright, I’ll continue my stories with pictures…
 Photo op at the Labadi Beach

Trying on clothes/dressing up for dinner and a night out.
We bumped into his friend Kari and her boo at the bar in Movenpick and also had another friend join us, the night turned out to be so much spontaneous fun.
We tried some Banku/Kenke
This was being sold all over the Labadi beach. The beef thing looks like Suya but really isn’t.
 The most awesomest Lobster ever from Mamma Mia
Freshly made waffles, best part of breakfast, yummm
I Screammm
 Kente Slippers on Osu Road/Oxford Street
 Little wrist band for my brother

 Vintage Blouses from Makola Market. Vintage/2nd hand stuff are strangely called “fosa” or something of that sort in Accra. Also because of the recent change in the value of Ghana Cedis it was funny and confusing to hear things like “1.5” which simply meant “15 Ghana Cedis” it confused me so much like do you mean 1.5million or 1,500 Cedis, lol.

Painting we bought on Osu Road/Oxford Street 
LOL @ our rabbit teeth.
Dear Ghana, I’m coming back for you.

I heard the sad news of the death of former Ghanaian President Atta Mills not too long after my trip and my condolences go out to all Ghanaians. May His soul rest in peace, Amen.