Almost 2weeks ago my friend Yinka aka Gracie got married to her boo Toyosi and their wedding was so beautiful, everything about it was beautiful… Yinka and I have been friends from secondary high school, its funny because she was actually a friend of a friend that became a friend, back then she would come really early to school (she was a day student), I was in boarding house and used to “cross-over” early (QC girls will understand this), every now and again she would bring me home cooked meals especially dodo aka plantain and Lord knows I needed it with the horrible food they fed us in boarding house… We stayed close over the years but this year we bonded on a whole new level, we both lost our mums in the space of 5months but what’s really crazy is how it all happened… Yinka would come straight to the hospital from work keeping me company and praying with me, and even after my mum’s death she was there for me and so was her family, even her mum consoled me… And then she lost her mum, it was like de ja vu, sometimes I wonder about God’s sense of humor…

I’m not trying to be a debbie downer but I was extremely happy on this day because the ceremony went so well and was so full of joy and happiness that it made me feel like yes bad things have happened but good things are happening too, and for that we thank God. This is a toast to Yinka and Toyosi, I wish you guys health, wealth, happiness, and God’s very best for you in this life, love you guys and congratulations.

So on to the juicy part, PICTURES!!!

Precious moments…

1. Stepping out of church *yayyyy we are married* 2. Daddy’s little girl 3. Playing the gazing game 4. Gentleman Toyo takes up the CBM’s role

The Bridal Party :o)

So Yinka most definitely hooked us up with our beautiful dresses, infact I heard someone say that Yinka was very kind and lenient for letting us wear such beautiful dresses, LOL… The wedding theme + Dress code was “Oscars/Black Tie” and the colors were coral, black & white. You may in the following pictures, be able to tell that we were really feeling ourselves, LOL

The CBMs
Then after having all the fun we remembered the Oscar props, obviously Minz was a superstar Oscar worthy actress in her other life, lol