What better way to kick off the weekend, ladies and gentlemen we present to you the super duper stylish Fisayo.

Here’s how Fisayo describes her style:

 “Just in the same way that I as a person could be many different things, the same goes for my style. It depends mostly on my mood, what I’ve recently been inspired by, my imagination, editorials I read and people I see. Today I might go lady-like chic and the day after I could be like a boy in trainers. I don’t restrict myself because there’s so much inspiration everywhere and so many new looks to try! However, there are a few things that I love: leather, exaggerated shoulders, embellishment, studs, contrasting textures, lace, statement jewellery, and vintage pieces. I live for inspiration and when I’m lacking that, I can always tell that I’m not as creative as I should be with my outfits.”

We love Fisayo’s style, even her tomboy looks are so chic, huge girl crush here. Can’t get enough of Fisayo? check out her fab blog mirrome.me
Have a fab weekend guys