Trousers & Shoes- Zara, Blouse- Primark, Wrist watch & ipad case- Michael Kors
Activities are generally winding down at work and things are a bit more relaxed as the year comes to an end… I tend to wear sheer tops/blouses over smart bottoms because I’m not really a fan of the smart work shirts (read as Hawes & Curtis, TM Lewin, Thomas Pink etc). 
A funny story about this ipad case is that I saw it at a TK Maxx in Dundee and loved it so much that I bought it. I didn’t own an ipad at the time, LOL… a few months after I got one as a gift… Sometimes it is not enough to just have faith, you may need to act on it and that’s exactly what I did :o) you should try it too ;o)

Please don’t forget to participate in our Sparkle & Shine Christmas challenge with a chance to win $100 to spend on ASOS and a goodie bag. Segi and I will definitely be joining in the fun so look out for our “Sparkle and Shine” enteries.