Hey guys!!. You know what Sundays are, dress up day!!. I was going to wear this to church but i ended up not going. Forgive me Lord.
I got this dress in January and i hadn’t gotten the chance to wear it yet, so i decided to give it a spin anyway.

                         Don’t you just love these shoes?. My darling friend, Jen got them for me for my birthday, aren’t i lucky?

 In other news, i recently decided to grow out my hair as it’s really thin and I don’t want to be forty with a bald head. I (well, my mum) cut my hair like three times when i was younger and i have no plans to ever ever try it again. For almost three weeks now, i have done my best to resist doing a weave and between salon trips and buying hair products, I’ve nearly wrecked myself financially.

Hopefully I’ll stick to my new routine and stay away from heat (thats my biggest problem for now).
Please if anyone has any helpful tips or has any experience with this, I’m all ears and eyes.

                                                 Dress- Vintage, Shoes- Zara, Clutch- H&M