H&M Conscious Collection Dress and my “one nation” Zara heels
Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying their Pre-Christmas weekend so far. Its been very eventful for me, Friday was my office Christmas party as well as my last official day at work, I attended friends’ weddings on Saturday, it is also our little brother’s birthday today (Happy Birthday AK Boy), and later on today my family will “officially” be meeting my fiance’s family (what the Yorubas call “Introduction”), I am definitely feeling great and I am so thankful for that…

Right now I’m so so jealous of Segi who is screaming her lungs out at the Chris Brown concert, from her few blackberry messages to me I know she is having way too much fun I can almost feel it too, I mean just the thought of Chris Brown and Wiz Kid performing Azonto made my day already.

Guys don’t forget that you have till 12midnight tomorrow (24/12/12) to enter our “Sparkle & Shine” Christmas Challenge, remember $100 to spend on ASOS and a surprise goodie box is at stake here. Click HERE for all the details. Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys.