Dress- Zara, Shoes- CL
Hey guyssssss, its been a minute!!! Big apologies for pulling a disappearing act on you guys but sometimes life happens and it isn’t always as easy to keep up with everything, unfortunately the blog suffers at times like these :o( … A lot of things happened while we were away, Segi and I travelled, I finally made it to New York for the 1st time (in my other life that’s where I live, that’s where I’m from, don’t ask)… I’m so upset that I couldn’t make time out to do posts and basically take pictures, I was way too busy wedding shopping, the weather was crap and I didn’t have people to help with pictures but I did a bit of Instagram’ing… I got back and started a new job the next day so its been busy busy, I know its still a little early but I love my new job already, the people, the work environment and omg my bosses are soooo cool, I’m so thankful to God for new beginnings this year… What have you guys been up to?
I’m wearing this beautiful plaid Zara dress I stalked and couldn’t find in my size, guess where I finally found it??? At the Zara in Heathrow airport on my way back to Lagos (I serve a living God), best of all I got the sale and tax free price :o) .Its a public holiday in Nigeria today and its been a pretty relaxing one for me, movies , pizza, sleep and just like that its Friday tomorrow, have a wonderful weekend guys.