I know you’ve missed me so I’ll come out of my retirement :). Please forgive the title of the post, i really couldn’t think of anything snazzy.lol. Like Salewa said in her last post, we’ve been occupied with other things and we are really sorry for neglecting the blog.

I went for the Chris Brown concert in December, which by the way was one of the best days of my year. Seriously. I did everything short of crying, but I’m sure if he performed longer, i would have gone there.

First of all, just a few hours before i took these pictures, Salewa and I were discussing how amazing it’ll be to go for the concert, but we didn’t have the funds. I didn’t in my wildest dreams imagine i would end up going. Fast forward to like twenty minutes after and my dear friend called me to ask if i was interested in going. I nearly fainted from excitement. Honestly!!. There is no artist i can say that I’m a die hard fan of and that’s just because i don’t have the power to listen to every song that an artist i like has recorded or watch every video, etc. However, i really really like Chris Brown, as a musician.lol.

This is what i wore.

Crop Top- Mr Price, Trousers- Jay’s Vintage, Belt- My mum’s, Clutch- Accessorize, Shoes-Zara