I was in Abuja over the weekend, and it was such a blast. Every time i go there, it almost feels like I’m in a different country, am i the only one that feels that way?.  If ever you need a break from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, try Abuja. It has a lot of nice hang out spots, the people there are abit nicer and less in a hurry than Lagosians and the best is their portions at restaurants are HUGE. For example, i had this yesterday evening and i promise, this was one meal. BTW someone should direct the FCT Minister to this post, who knows i may just be the next youth ambassador(or whatever) for Abuja. loool.

Earlier on in the day, my friends and i went for Abuja’s version of Le Petit Marche. I didn’t take any pictures, neither did i buy anything, well apart from a chocolate muffin for the Cupcake Cutie stand, which is one of the go-to cake shops in Abuja(I better get paid for these plugs). Lagos is definitely the fashion capital of Nigeria, if not Africa. Abuja people, please step up your game. lol.

The highlight of my day was definitely the Super Eagles reminding the rest of Africa and the world what we as Nigerians are made of. God knows we needed something to lift our spirits in this country and we thank God for victory. *Sidebar- while i was watching the match i was trying to remember what citizens of Burkina Faso are called, but i couldn’t because i have never known it.lol. My aunt later told me that they are called Burkinabe. Just felt like educating you guys. You are welcome 🙂

Top, Sandals- Primark, Skirt- Asos, Bag- Zara

Enjoy the rest of the week.