I usually wear my hair long, so i decided to try something new. I was actually inspired to do this hairstyle by Mocheddah. This has become her signature hair and i really really like it. Since i made my hair, i have to choose the clothes i wear around it. I’m not sure if it’s my mind or short hair just doesn’t go with everything.

Anyways, i wore this tshirt with faux leather sleeves and pocket with faux leather leggings on Saturday (no, i was not hot or sweating). As you can see i was channelling my dark/hard/rough/bad/okyoucatchmydrift side.lol. In my head, i was a serious badass in this outfit *grunt*. 

           I reallyyy reallyy like this tshirt. Its definitely the coolest tshirt i own at the moment.

                            Please forgive my flyaway hair.

Tshirt, Bag, Sandals- Zara, Leggings- H&M, Aviators- Rayban