Hey guys, we are back from our hiatus. The past few weeks have been very eventful in the Akin-Taylor household.

We all know that as part of wedding festivities, it is MANDATORY (hello friends, note the key word here) for there to be a Bridal Shower and Hen Night/ Bachelorette Party in honour of the Bride-to-be. As Shally’s CBM, I planned to throw the best bridal shower and hen night for my sister.

Shally’s Bridal Shower
I didn’t want us to throw the usual “gather in a friends sitting room” type of bridal shower. Not that it’s bad or anything, i just wanted something more special and detailed. I had asked Salewa earlier what type of bridal shower she wanted (i did not want to surprise myself at the end of the day) and she told me she wanted a Parisian themed bridal shower. I haven’t been to France and i didn’t know where to start from, but i was determined to make it work so i swung straight into action with the help of the world wide web. Honestly, if you plan to throw a party, especially a themed one, the internet must be your friend. Ofcourse, i couldn’t do it all by myself so i enlisted some of her friends and family members to help bring the idea to reality. The colors of the theme were White, Pink and Black.

Clockwise: Eiffel Tower branded water, Two tiered Paris cake with Eiffel Tower Topper, Welcome sign, Mason Jar for my specially made cocktail (doubled as party favors), Advice cards, Thank you cards, Mason Jars, Party Favors for everyone 🙂

The Dessert Table put together by Me: Cake(there was a little accident so we had to improvise), mini cheesecakes, marshmallow pops, cupcakes, croissants, donuts, strawberry macaroons, bonbonnieres (doubled as party favors), and chocolate eclairs.

Family and Friends

Game Time                                                                                                                                      

Shally’s Hen Night
We decided to do a Grease themed hen night, so we all went as the Pink Ladies and Salewa was Sandy for the night.

Everyone had a blast and Salewa was happy, yipeee!!

Till my next post,
Love, Segi