Hi guys, its been such a long longggggg time, you would think that my wedding has passed and I should be up to speed with blogging. I feel like I always have these excuses and really I don’t want to bore you guys BUT believe me when I say that settling into a new home,  catering to another human other than myself, working at a very busy law firm, all in this city called Lagos is no walk in the park… I hope you guys understand, I know first hand how annoying it is when I go to my favorite blogs and I don’t see any updates, so annoying… till date I still check the Moptopmaven with hopes of finding a new blog post but I’ve had no such luck.

These past few months have been quite eventful to say the least, after my wedding it was like I had been on such a high from all the planning, the day itself, the honeymooning, everything… I was in a totally different world, I had to slowly come back down to reality, lol. Everyone asks stuff like “how is married life?” “so how does it feel?” etc, its been a month and its been great… Knowing you have a buddy and partner in crime everyday for the rest of your life is pretty cool I must say :o)

I’d like to say a huge thank you for all the well wishes I got, and hopefully I’ll update some pictures to share with you guys, apparently these photographers take their time with these pictures…. In the meantime here are some pictures from my Pre-Wedding shoot shot by the talented Jide Odukoya.

An outfit change and two tired people later

Outfit 1 – H&M Dress turned top, Maxi skirt by Daisy’s Wardrobe
Outfit 2 – Dress & Necklace – Zara, Shoes – Oscar de la Renta