Hiiii Guys!!. Hope everyone is doing great. We are so sorry for abandoning the blog for so long, we really always mean to do better, its not been that easy… Thank you so much to everyone who sent us emails and comments to check if we were okay, God bless you all. We really appreciate your kindness and concern towards us.  We decided to blog this week by all means and I’m glad to be back.

I wore this navy blue suit to work yesterday and I felt like I was ready to conquer the world..lol. I think it’s important to make an effort to look great to work since thats where most people spend their time.

Like my oga madam pose? I still need to learn how to “jack” my lapel like a true Naija boss.

In a perfect world, my work wardrobe will be a mix of clothes from Rachel Zane, Jessica Pearson, Donna, Sara Ellis from White Collar closets (and in that order *Mama Dee’s voice*). However,  I don’t think the cropped number Jessica wore in episode 3 can fly in Nigeria, infact in real life (shout out to all the “Suits” groupies).

p.s. I wasn’t doing the famous looking down pose, my trousers were loose at the waist, thanks. lool

 Suit- Zara,  Shirt- ASOS, Shoes- Asos.

Enjoy the rest of your day guys.