Hey Guys, a month ago, we were contacted by Martha, the CEO of Mia’s Hair World to do a review of her Signature Weave on FSS. I had the liberty to choose the length(s) I wanted, so I went with 12”. 
Martha had informed me that delivery will take a day and I received a Redstar Express package the day after I chose the lengths I wanted. In the package, there was a zip-lock bag which contained a cloth bag, a wide-tooth  comb & the company’s business card.
There were five bundles weighing 250 grams of colour 1(Black) 12″/14″ hair in the bag. The hair felt soft and had a silky texture.
I decided to dye the hair because I prefer brown hair. I used Revlon Colorsilk in Strawberry blonde( no. 72) to achieve the colour I wanted, after which I washed and conditioned it with Doo Gro Moisturising Shampoo and V05 Strawberries and Cream conditioner. I also used some Tresemme Straightening Spray and John Frieda Frizz Ease to get rid of frizz. 
It took the dye well and there was very minimal shedding and no tangling during the whole process. It retained the same texture and felt softer after conditioning it.
Day 1
I ”launched” the hair on my birthday : ). I was initially going to do a long bob, but it wasn’t wise to cut off a chunk of hair the first time so I went with the L part style.
Week 1
The hair has been very easy to manage. I don’t have the energy to straighten it every morning and it still looks good when I cant. I also noticed little shedding while brushing the hair.
Week 2
I was very skeptical about tangling, as I have bought hair that looked really nice which ended up being a source of headache (literally). I had to brush it every other hour because it wont stop bunching up at the back. Tangling is the worst! I’m happy to tell you that I haven’t experienced any tangling with this hair. I mean it, none whatsoever. I pin it up before going to bed and most times I don’t wear a scarf before I fall asleep, I jog with it, wear it down everyday and there are no tangles. Halleluyah!
Wash & Curl
I wanted to see if the hair could hold curls (plus I couldn’t stay away from curls for too long), so I washed and curled it this weekend. I was really impressed with the results. It came out bouncy and soft. The hair hold curls very well for naturally straight hair and I didn’t have to do anything more than I usually do when I curl my hair. Now I’m trying to decide on which way I prefer styling it.
I have experienced some shedding, however, its not the type of embarrassing shedding that leaves a trail wherever you go. I only notice a few strands when I brush it, which is understandable.
I love this hair and would definitely recommend it if your interested in purchasing good quality hair that is affordable.
Mia’s Hair World offers hair extensions in various shades, colours, and textures such as European, Peruvian, Malaysian and Philipino hair. You can contact Martha via email at musomine@gmail.com, or call 07062467212 and 08085524424. You can also add her on blackberry messenger- BB pin 2B091D36. 
Note: I will update this review after the fourth week to let you know how the hair is holding up.
*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are mine and have not been influenced. 
Week 4 (Update)
I finally took out my weave after four weeks, and the only reason i did was because i needed to wash my own hair. Up until I took it out, the hair was still in tip-top condition; very manageable and no tangling like I mentioned earlier.

I plan to dye it a lighter shade of brown the next time I install it. Can’t wait!