My dear people, if you are a Nigerian and you have never seen this print, you either: 1. Do not live in Nigeria; 2. Did not go to boarding school or; 3. Do not leave your house.
You can imagine my surprise/excitement when Celine’s Fall 2013 Collection came out and lo and behold it was ‘Ghana Must Go’ inspired (no offense to our Ghanaian brothers, you know we have love for you). For our non-Nigerian readers, here in Nigeria ”Ghana Must Go” bags are plastic carryall bags made in this print and are sold in almost every corner of town. You will most likely find a Ghana Must Go bag in 1 out of 5 homes in Nigeria. Why they are called that is a story for another day.
Anyway, back to my excitement. Shortly after the Celine Collection came out, I stumbled across this dress and I sharply snapped it up.

I wore it out a while back and kept getting called ”’Ghana Must Go girl’. This print is definitely a head turner, literally.

Dress- Asos, get it here
Shoes- Zara