It has been a while since i did a Work Chic post and this top really deserved one.
I wore this to work today and from the moment I walked into the office, I was getting compliments from everyone, I’m serious. At a point, I was trying not to make eye contact, because I started feeling shy. loool. Just trying to explain the effect this top has on people.
 The first time I saw it, I had no doubts that it belonged in my wardrobe. None!.I sharply sent an email to Lady Biba and two days after it was mine. I had been saving it for months and making excuses not to wear it yet, like “I dont have the right hairstyle for it” (Does anyone else do that?), till I decided to wear it today. 

Photos by Jide Odukoya. Check out his awesome photography blog.

Top- Lady Biba
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Zara
Bag- Vintage