Hi everyone, Valentine’s day is almost here and if anyone knows us in this part of the world you know that Nigerians DO NOT play with Valentine’s day…The buzz is just ridiculous and we are already anticipating the traffic we’ll experience on the roads of Lagos but hey it’ll be Friday, there’s already an excuse to go out and have a good time at the end of the day :o) …So we created different looks for everyone and the best and most exciting part is that you can get every single item here in Nigeria. These are really exciting times in Nigeria, what are you waiting for?

Look 1
 Get this Look – Lady Biba Dress HERE, TNL Shoes HERE and Embellished Clutch HERE

Look 2

                         Get this look – Dress HERE, Shoes HERE and Embellished Clutch HERE

Look 3

Get this Look – Clan Dress HERE, Embellished Clutch HERE and Pumps HERE
Look 4
Get this Look – Rukky Simone Jumpsuit HERE, O’Eclat Clutch HERE and Shoes HERE