Dear ForStyleSake readers,

About two (2) weeks ago, over 200 female secondary school students were abducted from their boarding school by a group of people who are believed to be a part of the Boko Haram sect in Chibok, NorthEastern, Nigeria.

This is really really heartbreaking, we can’t begin to imagine the anguish their families are going through right now. When things like this happen it seems like there’s not much we can do about it… Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t but if there is a chance that we can do something, just a teeny weeny chance, are we willing to take the chance? 

We are pleading with all our readers in and out of Nigeria to SIGN THIS PETION.

By signing this petition we declare our solidarity with the kidnapped girls and call upon the world not to forget them, support all efforts to ensure their safe return, and ask President Goodluck Jonathan and the Nigerian Government to ensure all schools are safe places to learn, protected from attack.

Most importantly, lets not stop praying. We could never pray too much. God bless us all.