Hey guys!! I’ve had this post in my drafts for a while now and in the spirit of Wedding Saturday, I decided to post it up today.
I have been to a few weddings and I’ve come to realise that here in Lagos, as far as the dress code for wedding guests goes, anything goes! I’ve seen ladies wearing full on club attire, potential reception dresses to white dresses in different styles at weddings and I ask myself sometimes, what is proper wedding guest attire?
My friends and I have has this debate several times, and at the top of the list is whether or not it is proper to wear white to a wedding? Some people think it is, some don’t. My friend who recently got married even went as far as putting it in her wedding invitation that white dresses were not allowed (you know that Nigerians don’t “hear word”, so extreme measures are needed at times).
Personally, i don’t think it is proper to wear white as a guest unless the invitation says to do so (never seen or heard of one that did), or you are a bridesmaid a la Kim Kardashian’s wedding. My thing is, that’s the one day in every girl’s life where she’s guaranteed to be the the centre of everyone’s attention and no one should intentionally or unintentionally upstage or rain on the bride’s parade. I’m sure some of you may say is it that serious? how can a guest outshine a bride? Welllll, I’ve seen that happen here in Lagos. These days, no one plays when it comes to weddings, guests have professional makeup done, custom made dresses. Don’t believe me, pay a visit to the nearest MUAs (short for makeup artist) studio on a Saturday and if you are on Instagram, I’m sure you don’t doubt me lool.
I’m not bashing anyone or opposed to looking great, most people including me suck at doing makeup and I definitely wouldn’t go to a wedding looking like a nun. I also don’t think I would get angry if a guest wore white to my wedding, however I feel that guests should be mindful of the bride (and groom) when deciding on what to wear to weddings, it is her day after all. 
What do you guys think?
Dress- Zara
Shoes- Zara
Earrings- Asos

Have a restful weekend
Love, Segi

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