Hey guys, I wanted to share with you about the hair I rocked over the past couple of weeks, its called the Cambodian & Russian Fede Raw Hair (Curly) from Anne Elise Real Hair… Although it was very different from what I’m used to, I enjoyed rocking it and felt like a Diva from the very first day it was installed… I got it the hair in 14, 16 & 18 inches, on hindsight, I should have gone with shorter lengths because I found that it was a bit too long… So these are great lengths for you if you are a lover of really long hair but if you are like me, you may want to go for  shorter lengths. I didn’t experience any “tangling” and shedding was extremely minimal… I really enjoyed rocking the hair and would definitely recommend it to you guys. Check the pictures out and let them do the rest of the talking.
I loved how the hair was presented, absolutely beautiful packaging
I even got gifts :o)

The hair in its full glory

You can purchase this by visiting www.anneelisehair.com , they also offer a wide range of other options.