Hey everyone, this review is a few weeks late but I resolved to do this post this week runs out.

A while ago, Salewa and I were contacted by Anne, owner of Anne Elise Real Hair, a hair company based in Lagos and the UK. She wanted to know if we would be interested in reviewing some of her products. Right off the bat, I got the sense that she was very passionate about her business, so when I received the hair, I wasn’t surprised. From our communication I knew she was dedicated to giving the best. Note – I haven’t met her before, all our communication was via email.
First things first, the package the hair  came in was AMAZING. I’m serious. I immediately sent her a message to commend her on it. Out of excitement, I opened it before I realised that I should have taken pictures.  I tried my best to put everything back the way it came. 
I received the Duchess curls in 12″, 14″ and 16 inches, colour 1/1b (not really sure what colour). I decided against dyeing the hair like I do to all my hair because I didn’t want to change the curl pattern of the hair.
From the moment I installed the hair, I kid you not, I was getting compliments from everyone. Seriously.  I kept getting asked where my hair was from. The first week was a breeze with this hair. In the mornings I would just brush it with the paddle brush that came along with it and that was it. Nothing else. I could even just run my fingers through it and not use a brush. 
Week 2
Here I started using bendy rollers and my curling wand as the brushing had loosened up the curls. It was still manageable, but I had changed up the curl pattern. The hair holds curls really well. L
Week 3 
By the third week I decided to wash the hair, because my natural hair was very dry and I wasn’t ready to take out the weave. This is how it looked after it had dried.
Afterwards, I used my curling wand to style it and viola, bouncy voluminous curls!
I will definitely recommend this hair if you are in search of curly hair that is versatile and easy to manage.
You can contact Anne Elise Real Hair by:
Tel: 08176642120 or 08103878447
What’s app: +447834118309
IG: @anneeliserealhair
Have a great week guys.
Love, Segi