I know, I know. Halloween is long gone and forgotten. However, in social media world today is Throwback Thursday so allow me please :).

Halloween isn’t really a Nigerian thing so this was my first proper Halloween. I love dressing up and this was the perfect excuse to. After racking my brain on what costume to wear, I decided to go as Little Red Riding Hood but couldn’t find any red cape that didn’t look like dracula’s cape so i dumped that idea swiftly. I was going through some of our old pictures on our Instagram page and saw a picture I posted of Rihanna and Karrueche Tran dressed as Cholas (Mexican female gansters) and viola, I had a costume!

I laughed so hard taking these pictures. It was a struggle to keep a straight face because I know I’m nowhere near the badass I’m acting like in the pictures.

The costume was pretty easy to pull together. I borrowed half of the outfit from my brother (trousers, belt, boxers, yes boxers!), and the other half I bought (earrings and shirt). The shoes and white t-shirt I already had and my friend was nice enough to borrow me her red bandana as my black one didn’t really pop.


Wasn’t that fun? lool

Have a great day guys.