Heyyyy guys, how’s everyone doing? I haven’t blogged in a while so I was determined to do this post today. What do you guys think of the name of the post? Thinking of post titles are like writing an essay.. Struggle!! I thought this one was funny and I wanted to be cheeky so enjoy it.

As you can see, I’m in China at the moment and it is soooo…Big Fat Lie.. I’m in good ol’ London o. I’m naughty, I know.. lool. I found this Chinese tea house in a park near where I live and I thought it was so beautiful. As soon as I saw it I knew that there was no way I won’t take some pictures there. There’s a lake beside it and its so funny, there are several ducks in it but just ONE swan. I’m not sure if it it is just a coincidence or there is a scarcity of swans. 

I got this Japanese(yeah I know, maybe I should have called the post ‘Princess of Asia) kimono from a vintage shop in Paris called the Kilo Shop. Their pricing system is so cool. Just like the the name says, whatever you pay is dependent on how much it weighs, just like buying frozen food.
Anyway I saw this kimono and even though I didn’t know where in the world I would wear it to, I couldn’t resist. It paid off in the end you seeee :). Not all impulse buying is bad (excuses, excuses).

So many things I love in this post. The tea house, my hair, these mules woohhh. In fact goodbye. lool. Thanks to my friend, Kariba for taking my pictures.
Kimono – The Kilo Shop
Shoes – Office, get here