I know everyone gets really excited about H&M collaborations, what’s not to be excited about? Cheap(er) access to luxury brands? yes please. I haven’t been a fan of the past few collaborations; the Alexander Wang collaboration was a tad too “sporty” for me and the Maison Margeila collaboration was just ridiculous. The Lanvin & Versace collaborations are my favourite collections, but let me tell you something, this Balmain Collaboration is the winner, it is ridiculously awesome. I think Oliver Rousteing forgot that this was a “collaboration”, the clothes scream Balmain (H&M who???). I am in love with this collection for so many reasons. The craftsmanship is undeniable. 
These are some of my favorite looks.
What’s you absolute favourite H&M designer collaboration? Will you be standing in line on the 5th of November? (I swear I’d hide in the changing room of H&M on Oxford Circus on the 4th of November if I could, LOL).
Photocredit: VOGUE