Hello everyone, its been such a long time omg!!! We got tired of explaining our disappearing acts on the blog and just totally went quiet over the past year but I promise that we didn’t really mean to do y’all like that.

I (Shally) have personally learnt that it is okay to take a break if you need to, you’ve got to do whatever you need to just BE. Over the past year I found out I was pregnant again while still trying to get a hang of this whole mummy thing with Kiki. I had my baby boy in September and I am so so thankful for my babies. Life really just happened, between working an 8.30 to 6 (or later) job, Lagos traffic, getting home totally exhausted and taking care of my family, I guarded my weekends so jealously because it was the only free time I had for myself. I just needed to focus on other things a little more and for that the blog suffered. Now I am not giving any excuses because ANYTHING can be done if you set your mind to it, but your mind must first be at the right place right? But my mind was very tired, exhausted and uninspired. I have to give a big shout out to Stella of Jadore Fashion, I admire how she stays consistent and inspired, she inspires me (serious blogger #goals). Segi, on the other hand was just returning home from her masters and went straight back to work  while going through a tough break up so she was generally uninspired.

This past year was an “off” time for us because we typically inspire each other but there was zero inspiration on both sides. We would have people asking us why we hadn’t been blogging or what happened with the online clothing store and omg I personally dreaded that question so much because deep down I kinda felt like I had given up when I really had no business giving up. I still love to create looks, and get excited at the thought of putting something really nice together whether it is for me or for my friends and family. The great news is that we are back and we are better. We have taken our much needed break but we are ready to give you guys the best content. Our individual styles have also evolved and it will be so much fun sharing it with you guys. We hope you are half as excited as we are.

Thank you to our readers who’ve been rooting for us all along and a big welcome to our new readers. God bless y’all and stay tuned.


This December, we will be posting up party looks for the festive season and doing an Instagram christmas giveaway so please stay tuned guys.


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