The Older I get, the more in tune I’ve become with my style. Now I know that there are some things I will always love no matter what trends come and go and so I tend to invest in those sort of things. Today I’m sharing some staple items that will forever stand the test of time, come what may these MVPs will always be relevant in your wardrobe.

  1. The White Shirt – Oh the things you can do with a white shirt, from pairing it with jeans for a casual look, to a pencil skirt for work, to a full midi/maxi skirt for a cocktail, and even with palazzo pants or culottes for a fun night out… The possibilities are truly endless.
  2. The Power Blazer – Seriously, I always have a blazer close by and I don’t know if it’s the “lawyer” thing, but days when I look less “lawyerly” I throw on a blazer and voila… And then I want to look smart but a bit casual with my jeans, what do I do? yeah… I have my eyes on one of the double lapel Balmain blazers with gold buttons, absolutely lovely.
  3. The LBD – No words needed here … but I will still say this; every girl needs that ‘go to’ little black dress, tres important.
  4. The Black Pumps – These will instantly take you from drab to fab no lie.
  5. Dark Blue Skinny Jeans – Wear it with a tee shirt, you’re good. Wear it with a work shirt, you’re good. Wear it with a dressy top, you’re good. Even wear an oversized dress over it, you’re great. All’s good with the dark blue skinny jeans.

The best thing about these items is their versatility. All together they make a great outfit and broken into separates they are instrumental to creating other great looks.

Now don’t think I will leave you hanging here, I gotcha guys… Get these staple pieces – HERE for the White Shirt, HERE for the Blazer, HERE or HERE for the  LBD, HERE for the Black Pumps, and HERE for the jeans.